Help my computer won't boot!!!


Sep 5, 2009
Ok soo 3 month ago I bought a grapic crad EAH HD 4890 Asus I have installed everything worked fine until I found up that my POwer supply dosenteet my card requirements I have 500w 17a and the card require 550 w and 40a

Soo I didn't mind it and kept on using computer untill today that my computer didn't wNg to boot up my windows 7 32 bit tryed repairr but it didn't work and sometimes it just said that it dosent recognized any hardwere on my computer I can be sure it's my power supply

But should I get a new one??

My computer

Gigabyte q6600
2Gb ram
intel core quhad
and antac 500w 14a
EAH HD 4890
If you have the Antec Smart Power 500, you need to look at the label more closely. It shows two rails, the second 19 amps. That 550 watt/40 amp requirement is for the whole system. Because your PSU worked for three months before your system stopped booting leads me to believe your PSU is adequate (just barely, in my opinion).

The 4890 needs about 5 amps running a 2D desktop and 12 amps peaking to around 15 or 16 amps under a 3D load. Figure 10 amps for an OC'd Q6600, and 4 amps for 2 drives and fans. That totals around 30 amps at 12 volts - adequate without a lot left over.

I am using a Corsair 550 watt PSU to power a very similar system:
Corsair 550VX (41 amp 12 volt rail)

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