Help oc q6600


Apr 7, 2009
hi everyone i am very new to overclocking and i am planning to go 3.6ghz with air cooling.below is my spec:

processor q6600 2.4 quad
motherboard gigabyte ep45 ud3r
ram g.skill 4gb ddr2 1066
processor cooling is cooler master hyper 212
os winxp sp3

can this spec go up to 3.6ghz.can anyone post they're settings.thanx in advance for helping me out.

You don't plan to go to any particular frequency. You try to reach as far as you can within your temperature and voltage limits.

Can you reach 3.6 GHz. Maybe. I did. But then, I got lucky and received a Q6600 with a pretty low VID (1.2625 volts). And as far as cooling is concerned, I have a better than average cooler (TRUE/Scythe S-Flex) and case (Antec 900).

The problem with a cookbook approach is that solid state electronics varies a great deal. Two adjacent CPU chips cut from the same die can have, and probably will, very different characteristics.

Read your motherboard manual - especially the section about the BIOS. Go through the guides, looking for how they match your BIOS. Relax your memory timing, even to something like 6-6-6-18. That way you'll know that your memory probably isn't the limiting factor. Later you can tighten the memory timing.

Set your BIOS temperature alarm at 70 C.

Learn to use Prime95 for stability testing.

One more guide:

It's for the GA-EP35-DS3L, but there can't be that much difference between the P35 and P45 BIOS's.