Help on laptop.


May 1, 2012
Due to the cheap price, dedicated graphics card, and a fairly new processor, I've come to the conclusion the Lenovo Y570 is the best for me. I may be wrong, and that is why I'm here :) What are your thoughts and opinions? My budget is 700-900, and I have to get a laptop since I will be attending an university next semester. I plan on gaming for hours in the summer, so my biggest concern is overheating with this laptop. Here is the link.
Not travelling so much anymore, my laptop just sits in the corner (most of the time). Keeping a laptop cool is a big issue (especially one used for gaming). A cooling pad used religously helps a lot there. I like Lenovos, they seem to be well built (and I find that one particularly nice looking) and have nice features. I think it should serve you well through school (or until BF4 or some other GPU hungry game is released).
If you can afford it, add SSD.


The y570 has the worst performing of the 555m models available, almost half the ability of the top model. I would suggested a refurbishd asus or msi gaming laptop from newegg for the same price but they seem to be out of stock except for an $1100 G73 model.