Question Help Please! Every Windows 10 Update crashing my system upon Reboot


Oct 4, 2010
Hi all,

The problem started several months ago with the last major Win 10 rollout:

Upon reboot (after updates installed) it goes straight the the blue 'frown face' screen. This Dell Laptop (Inspirion 15 5000 series) is set to go into diagnosis mode and then it throws out all the updates along with a message that it discarded all updates.

Now that the latest rollout is up my computer is having to go through this more often. Any ideas?

Thanks ahead of time for your help!



Win 10 Master
Update assistant only helps if the version he is on is not current.

right click start
choose run...
type winver and press enter
current version is 20H2

If you on 20H2 already, that isn't going to help. and its questionable if it would anyway if your are on an older version, as it uses the processes that are currently failing.

If you on a version older than 20H2:
I would download the 2nd link on this page - - on a working PC without update problems, and use it to make an installer on USB (it offers to update current PC but it may suffer same fate as the other updates, so make a USB).
Advantage to USB is if it fails, you don't have to download it again, unlike the update assistant.
Once usb created, put it in PC that doesn't work while windows is running
open file explorer (win key + E) and navigate to the USB
run setup on the USB
choose to update current PC. It will restart and upgrade to 20H2