Question Help please, Overclock went wrong.

Oct 23, 2019
I bought a MSI RTX 2070 Super with 1605 MHz clock speed up to 1800 Mhz boost.
I watched this video from MSI

Then did the same test then scan. It applied overclock settings that would take my card clock to 1900 Mhz.
The issue is when I play R6 I used to have 144+ FPS now I get only 80.
I wanted to reset my settings so I watched many videos about removing afterburner in safe mode and went with it.
Now, my card base clock is at 375 Mhz and goes up to 1980 Mhz.
I messed up and I just want to reset it to stock settings as I really saved for 5 months to buy this card
Please help.