Feb 24, 2015
hi i need help to upgrade my old h7 cooler to new one and cant decide which one to buy , my temp at idle are 50 c and is hot here (croatia ) at summer so when gaming sometimes going
80 c. so anyone have advice about cooler my budget is like 90 euro and was think to buy one of this and dont want cooler go over ram ?
Noctua NH-U12S Chromax Black
Dark Rock Pro 4
Hyper 212 RGB Black Edition

R5 3600
b450 tomahawk max
hyper x rgb 2x8gb max height clearance-41.24mm
rx 5700 xt
phanteks entho pro case with atm 3 fans x120 gonna replace soon with new one x 5 120mm
also have 2x 140 1 front 1 rear


Careful with Ryzen and coolers. Ryzen is a dynamic cpu, the boost is governed by voltages, amperage and temps.

What that means is you get 50 idle (normal) and 80 gaming on that H7. Move to a little bit bigger cooler and unless you are hitting max boost, the cpu sees the added temp headroom and boosts higher, putting you right back to 80.

If you really want to drop temps there's 2 ways. Either lower boost limits or go Big cooling and allow the cpu to reach its max, but still have cooling ability left over.

Hyper212 is worse than the H7, by a decent margin.
Noctua NH-U12S is better than the H7 by a decent margin, but may or may not be enough to cover max boost and really drop the temps much.
BeQuiet DRP 4 is an excellent cooler, but can have issues with taller ram. Heatsink clearance is 46mm but front fan is 40mm. The front fan can be elevated a few mm and not change overall 163mm height. So if the HyperX data is accurate, it can fit under the DRP4, with 1-2mm spare.


Silentiumpc fortis 3 available to you?

Excellent cooler, 158mm high, 140mm fan (very quiet), offset so zero ram interference.

Have great results on my ryzen 7, which has never been over 60c even at 1000rpm.

Its not as good as to dark rock, but certainly better than the h7, evo, or noctua.

From my experience with ryzen its majorly about cooler surface area.
Bigger is absolutely better.