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Nov 16, 2020
Hello guys
I just built my new pc.
My build :
Corsair 4000x rgb case (3 rgb fan in front intake)
Asus rog x570 mobo.
Corsai 240 capellix cooler (2 fan on the too exhaust)
I bought 3. Fan (corsair sp 120 rgb /3 pin) on the back as exhaust.
As I bought the 3. Fan I didn't know that comes with 3 pin. Though I connect it to commander pro that cones with cooler.
Now the lighting working just fine with ICUE , but the fan runs at full speed ans it's very laud.

Is there any way to control the fan, maybe if I buy 3 to 4 pin adapter or should I buy new one?
And I need to buy new one, which typ will word with the commander pro?


It appears you have six fans, and all are 3-pin type. All are connected to ports on the Commander Pro. The website for that box says clearly that it CAN control the speed of either 3-pin or 4-pin fans. But of course, you must have a cable connected between that Commander Pro and a mobo USB2 header. AND you must have downloaded the Corsair utility iCue, and have that running. It uses the USB2 link to communicate with the Commander Pro. I am sure that there will be an option within iCue to ensure that its output ports will control a 3-pin fan properly by using the older Voltage Control Mode, and not the new PWM Mode.
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