Help with a warranty


Dec 25, 2012
Hello community I'm new here, before I tell you my problem I would like to apologize for my english skills, I'm not a native English speaker.

Well, my problem is the next one.

About 11 months ago I bought a custom build PC, and at the beggining of December I got a problem with the PC it began to make some "beeps" from the motherboard. So I took it to where I bought it to make used of my warranty. At the end it was the RAM that was wrong. After that they told me that my ECS GTX 550 TI stop working.

They told me that they disassemble the PC to see what was the problem. When they knew the problem and changed the RAM they turn on my PC again to see if they had fixed the problem with the new RAM they got video signal but after a few seconds when the OS was starting the video signal stopped. So they restart it and they couldn't get any video signal now. So after that they said that the graphics card had die.
I told them that it was their fault cause at the beginning they got video signal, so it was ok the graphics card. They told me that maybe it was a manufacturing problem and ask me for the gpu to see if the warranty could be done. So I let them my graphics card in warranty.

I called them 2 weeks after that and they said that the warranty couldn't be done cause they gpu stop working because a transistor was burn out thanks to an electrical shock( or Electrostatic discharge, I don't know how to said it in english).

I told them that my gpu was ok when they turn it on, so the problem was with them. Now they don't want to make warranty in my graphics card cause electrical shocks or discharge avoid warranty.

So my question is, was the graphics card able to work even if it had a transistor burned out?

Or it was their fault because a bad reinstallation of my PC components and they burned out my gpu after the bad reinstallation?

My PC component are or were ( cause I don't have anymore my gpu :'( ) :

Case CM 690 advanced II - RC-692-KKN
AMD Phenom II x6 1100T Black Edition 3.30 GHZ
Cooler CM V8
PSU: CM Extreme Power 600W RS600-PCAR-E3
Motherboard: 880GM -USB3
Ram: 4GB DDR3 PC3 -10600-1333Mhz Adata
Graphics card: GTX550 TI 1024MB GDDR5 - ECS (la que se me descompuso)

PS: I think that it was their fault and that they don't want to take responsabilities of their actions.