Help with upgrading ram


Feb 14, 2010
Okay so currently I have in my MSI 790FX-GD70 motherboard. I am wanting to add more ram but am not sure what I should do. The only ram on newegg that seems to match my cas latency are the ones on this page: and out of those only the patriot ram matches it exactly.

So my questions are, Should I go with the patriot ram? Or should I ditch the ram I have and just go with a 2x4gb ram? Is having all 4 slots on my motherboard occupied with ram not recommended?(I read somewhere that it is easier on the processor/motherboard to have free slots)

I am not completely sure on what should be done as this is my first time upgrading ram. Any advice you guys can give me will greatly be appreciated. Thank you.
I would get the 8 gb patriot kit for $20 after rebate and sell the old ram. It's on sale listed on slickdeals and fatwallet. 8 gb is plenty, and having two empty slots is ok. But it's also possible the old ram will work with the new stuff. You'll just have to try it. Amd motherboards aren't too picky about ram, as long as it's non-ecc 1.5-1.65v ddr3 desktop ram.