Question Help with whea uncorrectable error

Sep 8, 2020
Motherboard- asus prime z370-a
Cpu- i7 8700k
Gpu- zotac gtx 1080ti amp
Ram- g.skill trident z rgb ddr4- 3000 16 gb x2
Power- corsair rm 850x
Aio Water cooler
WD blue 1tb
Intel optane 32 gb

Computer worked fine for a year or so with xmp turned on, no problems at all. One day randomly I got a bsod it was whea uncorrectable error. I tried everything I could with the knowledge I had back then, I dissassembled and rebuilt the pc entirely, put stock setting on in the bios. Nothing worked. Kept getting whea uncorrectable error and sometimes clock watchdog error, error reports on the blue screen of death.
It sat around for almost a year untouched,
I finally got back around to messing with it.
I try getting rid of my hdd and replacing it with a new one and reinstalling windows,
Still no luck
I'm thinking its the cpu, I can get into bios & lights are on so I don't think its the motherboard, and I can see the ram in bios aswell, both fixed in the appropriate slots to my knowledge.
I try installing windows with and without gpu and no luck, but I did get further in the install process.

I finally take it to a place called intrex computers and they diagnosed my pc and all parts for $50, they ruled it was my cpu, claiming they took my cpu out and put one they use for testing in and had no problems. Said both my hdds I have were good, the old replaced one I though was the original issue and the new one.

I get my cpu home and still want to tinker with it myself, I have to take the aio cpu cooler off to get the batch number on the cpu for intel warranty. So I take it off and it looks like it hasn't been removed for a long time, the original paste I used was still there too, so I start to question if the tech at inrex computers really took the cpu out and tested another one, maybe he just used his own cooler with his test cup, idk, but either way I take my cpu out, check the pins, clean it with alcohol pads, redo the thermal paste and resead it.

I go on to install windows again to see if it crashes,
Windows finally installs!!!
While its installing i am reading online, I see a article saying that the asus prime z370-a motherboard comes with a setting enabled called multicore enhancement, thats not particularly good for the i7 8700k cpu in part with it, so I disable this in bios.

The computer starts up and works fine,
I install drivers, update windows, download chrome, etc..
the computer works good, I'm playing cod warzone, 144hz & 1440p, getting good fps, for a few hours a day, for a few days straight, and no problems.

Lastnight it crashed on me, whea uncorrectable error, I reboot, it starts up windows, I login, apps are starting up, discord/ steam, etc and it crashes whenever it gets to the zotac firestorm app I have, the app for my gpu, its asking permissions whenever it crashes. Im thinking that it crashes maybe because of the app, or also maybe thats the time after running when the cpu just crashes out, the tech at inteex said when he tested, it would crash at 11minuts xx seconds everytime. So I think its my cpu.

I'm at the end of my ropes, intel warranty process is slower than a turtle in a syrup factory, and for some reason i have a feeling that the bios settings are what is causing this,, thats what i want it to be probably anyways..
if anyone out there can help a fellow bein out with some advice or maybe recommendsomethingthat might be overlooked, it'd be greatly appreciated

PC Tailor

There are 3 key pieces of info here to consider:
whea uncorrectable error.
As you probably know, this is Windows Hardware Error Architecture, and in the mass majority of cases, this is indeed hardware based. Usually faulty hardware or instability in settings.

sometimes clock watchdog error
A CLOCK_WATCHDOG_ERROR is better known as a CPU hang - as it means the CPU hasn't responded to a clock interrupt within a certain clock tick timeframe. These are CPU errors in MANY cases, and if you have dump files for these, consistent messages across all of them can often be more indicative that it is indeed the CPU faulting. But overall CLOCK_WATCHDOGs are almost exclusively CPU errors.

at inteex said when he tested, it would crash at 11minuts xx seconds everytime.
The third party also ran tests and were led to believe that the CPU is faulty.

The only other thing I often would tend to look at with these is that you're not encountering thermal issues, and that you're not running any overclocks, so BIOS should be completely default. After that, Prime95 or Intel CPU Diag testing is often a good way to help see if you can confirm a CPU fault.

Usually a first port of call would be to run Driver Verifier, but being as you have already had various tests as well as reinstalls (correct me if I am wrong), I would suspect jumping straight to testing CPU could equally be sensible.

But my general advice after seeing CLOCK WATCHDOG errors is:
  • Run Driver Verifier as per these instructions. If you encounter another BSOD, please post the dump files so that we can review them.
  • If the dump files from Driver Verifier do not shed any more light or indicate any third party drivers then I would then do the following - then test your CPU by running Prime95/Intel Proc Diag as per these instructions. and then feedback on the results.
Well, one thing you can try is to change that bios setting back to what it was and see if that helps.

The other things I would do is run memtest. If you're getting memory errors, then that would easily explain all this.