May 3, 2012
The parts I have are gigabyte z77x-d3h, intel i5-3570k, noctua cooler and a 850W trupower supply. These are the only parts plugged in right now and the mobo is sitting on a wooden surface. The computer will turn on for about 10 seconds then shut off. It will then come back on for another few seconds then shut off. It will keep repeating this. I have tried a new power supply, the stock cpu cooler and it all does the same thing. Also the first mother board i had did this exact thing so I switched it out for a new one and its still doing the same thing. The chipset was also swapped for a new one. Any ideas?


Jul 24, 2010
It's probably the ram, mobo or cpu. You have to try and test them. If you can test the ram on a known working system or just on the mobo you're use now one stick at a time in different slots. If you can test the mobo or the cpu with a known working system do that too. If you can't you could buy a cheap celeron cpu to see if it's the mobo or the cpu that's bad. I had a problem with a build and narrowed it down to the mobo or cpu. I bought a celeron g530 and the same problem was happening so I got a replacement mobo problem solved. I even sold the g530 after that for only a small loss.