Dec 18, 2012
I have an 8400gs and Intel HD Graphics 4000. I plugged my 8400 in and I noticed in battlefield that my FPS dropped from 60 using the intel 4000 to 15. How do I go back to onboard without taking the video card out? Some games, the onboard cant run (as in wont boot.) but the 8400gs will. I tried taking out my VGA cable and put it into my motherboard but no display. How can I get displays from both? I want to switch between each of these.

Im using Asus P8z77 v LX Mother board

under primany video settings..there a line to turn on both gpu and ipgpu set both to enabled. then all you have to do is switxh the cable to the onbord port or see if mvp software will work for you and bond both ipgpu and the gpu together.

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