Question Hitting the water cooler radiator lowers the CPU temperature

Feb 5, 2022
Hi everyone,

So I have a problem that came after I did my normal cleaning routine on my computer(mostly just removing dust with air pressure). After this, I noticed that when I start to load my CPU, usually gaming, the temperature was around 70 degrees whereas before it was around 48-52 degrees.

Did some troubleshooting like checking all the cables, making sure the fans were running, checking the airflow and temperature of the radiator. Didn't bother me much so just kept playing until I got mad when playing, cause the framerate was affected by this a bit and hit the top of my computer, and voila the temperature went down to the normal 48-52 degrees.

After this every time I turned on the computer from sleep or off mode the temperature was high again, so the person I am I hit the computer again, and voila it started working.

Now after trying to fix this by taking out the water cooler and checking the cables and trying to see any fault on the water cooler, I come here to see if anyone has an answer or if it's just a old water cooler playing pranks.

Computer 5 years old


MSI z270 gaming m5

Intel i5 6600k

Corsair Hydro h115i


Corsair 16GB (2-KIT) DDR4 3000Mhz Vengeance LPX an
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Welcome to the forums, newcomer!

Did you try replacing the thermal paste application with another brand's paste? As a die note, might want to parse a picture of how the AIO is oriented in your build. You can host your images on Imgur or their ilk and then parse the link to said image here.

You should also take a look at the BIOS version for your motherboard and the OS version(not the edition)if you're working with Windows 10.

Hitting a computer generally doesn't lead to good results in the long run.