Hmmm this is annoying.

Ugh yeah, got some weird anomaly with my own pc. For some reason 2 of my 3 drives seem to have completely dropped out randomly.

I noticed this after my computer froze on me a few times so I went into safe mode to see if I could reproduce this crash. Sure enough it seized up at the shutting down phase. I waited atleast 15 minutes but nope nothing :/

So naturally I did a check disk, took a nap and my main 1tb sata drive is just fine. (I woke up in time to see it finish somehow)

However the 2 IDE drives I had are seemingly gone (1x 120 samsung and 1x 320g WD) I don't actively need that data (only on weekends) but it is a bit annoying to come across this.

I'm still testing things to see whats going on. Drives aren't in bios either I checked. Nor are they picked up by H/W monitor, WD Lifeguard, HDtune, or CHKDSK.

Another odd thing I noticed is my pc only seized up during youtube videos and somehow didn't freeze during my intense 5 hour BF3 session.

I don't have another IDE port or any other cables that exact length.

Edit: and since the drives have seemingly left the face of the earth my pc has been chugging along happily.

I was thinking the same thing

I just now got around to opening up my case again ... checked IDE cables, all were secure. decided to poke at 'em anyway just to make sure, they didn't budge... boot up pc, get into bios and what do I see, my hard drives are back... get into windows, hard drives seem fine

Well time to run diagnostics on them quick before they poo in my eye again. :sleep:

Yeah really weird. I tested the WD with lifeguards quick SMART test and almost immediately it failed. so im doing the longer test :s

Yes they are both on the same cable. 30 minutes in and its only at 10% .... this is gonna take a while :)
For the 320g it found errors that were recoverable but failed the quick test almost immediately heres the quick test error code: 06-Quick Test on drive 2 did not complete! Status code = 07 (Failed read test element), Failure Checkpoint = 65 (Error Log Test) SMART self-test did not complete on drive 2!

the extended test took about a billion hours but in the end did not let me fix anything as it spat out an error code aswell: 08-Error was detected while repairing bad sectors.

seems the drive is pretty badly damaged, ill run a scan with HDtune next...

Here is the image of HDtune when it finally finished with the WD drive that lifeguard said was to badly damaged....