Dec 24, 2011
I just bought homefront for the pc and noticed there's not that many people playing online. After playing for forty five minutes i've come to a conclusion that this game is FUN. Why aren't there more people playing?


Apr 16, 2009
It died a pretty quick death. To be honest, it was one of the most disappointing games I've personally ever purchased. Not becaues it was absolutely horrible, but because it was severly misrepresented pre-launch and then failed to meet the lofty expectations that were set. I probably only played the multiplayer for 5 hours before I shelved it. And it had nothing to do with other multiplayer games competing with it. I WANTED to love this game.

My personal reason:
It was not what was promised. I was under the impression that it would be similar to Frontlines: Fuel of War, which was their previous title and played a lot like classic Battlefield. They advertised it as large maps, tons of vehicular play, lots of capture points, etc. I LOVED Frontlines. In addition, this was the same developer that made the very popular Desert Combat mod for Battlefield 1942. As a result, I had such high hopes for Homefront. That's the type of game they advertised Homefront to be, and that's the kind of game I wanted.

1. Unfortunatley, Homefront was not large scale battles. Maps were pretty big, but the playable areas are relatively small.

2. Vehicles were not fun since the playable area was so small (why the hell do you need a jeep/Humvee to drive 50 yards to the next flag? you can run there just about as quickly).

3. You had to "earn" vehicles, which made the first half of match infantry focused only.

4. Matches were too fast, no room for exciting back-and-forth battles. The team that captured the initial momentum often was the team that won.

5. Snipers overpowered the game with one shot kills - this was disasterous when the game play area was packed so tight.

6. Average life before dying seemed like 10 seconds (due to the numerous reasons above). Got old quick. Spawn, run 15 feet, get sniped. Spawn, run 20 feet, helecopter missles kill you. Spawn, run 50 feet and finally make it to the cap point, then a camper shoots you dead as you try to take a flag since they were everywhere as virtually EVERYONE was within 50 yards of the front line.

What it came down to is that the game seemed to have a confused identity. It was almost like they tried to combine Call of Duty and Battlefield into a single game. Force a bunch of people into a relatively small space (on full servers), throw in some vehicles for additional chaos, make snipers uber powerful...blah. Imo, it didn't turn out very well. Huge potential completely wasted.