Hot cpu


Jun 20, 2004
Hi, I have an old PII machine with dual slot 1 processors. They have the type of heat sinks with the snap lever. They came from the computer manufacturer without paste.

Should these processors and heat sinks have thermal paste between them?

Also, one of the processors was running at 80 degress C and the other at 29 degrees C. I noticed that the hot processor cooling fan is speeding up and slowing down constantly while the cool one runs at a steady speed.

Would this be normal if there is no load on the second processor?

Think I'll swap the fans to see it if the situation reverses and replace the fan if necessary.

Any comments or suggestions are appreciated. Thanks, TH


Oct 14, 2003
none of the PII's i ever worked with had thermal paste...the heat spreader makes contact with the heatsink over a giant surface. not only does it already have enough cooling, it would also be a huge waste of thermal paste.

sounds like one of the fans is dying, so do your switching thing, and i might say get a new fan to replace the odd one.

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