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Still looking for monitor...gonna list some..please tell me if you know of any low refresh rates or any dot pitches (i dont want anything above .25 diagonal) that are a little high

This post can also be used as a buying guide for people wanting to purchase a new 19" monitor (see bottom of post for more info)

Viewsonic G90F

KDS VS-190P -(Is this a flat screen)?

Hitachi CM715 (is this flat screen...and what is the diagonal dot pitch)?

Hitachi CM721F (is this flat screen...)?

Samsung 955DF

Phillips 109S20 (i think dot pitch is way to high... .27 ...but the refresh rate is good...85hZ at like 1920x1440 but is this monitor flat screen)?


Phillips 109B20 (is this flat says .25 dot pitch but just making sure)?

NEC Accusync AS95F (is this flat screen...what is dotch pitch)?

KDS VS-19SN (is this flat screen)

Sony CPD-G400 (...why is this priced so low? in compusa it is listed G400 not there a price is 1/2 comp usa's price (250-500) has 70hz refresh rate at a 1800 x 1440 resolution)

Sony CPD-E400 (why is this priced so low again?? it has 60hz refresh rate at 1800x1440)

Viewsonic Q95 (Dot Pitch - .26)

Viewsonic A90 (Dot Pitch = .27 is this flat screen)?

Viewsonic PS790 (is this flat screen)?,4161,348837,00.html

All of these monitors come out to be 300 or less with shipping. Thats is why i am saying that you can use this as a buying guide also. If you want to know where the price is 300 with shipping (if you are interested in monitor) then just ask me and i'll see where i found it. I messed up on the 2 Sony's...they are way above 300 bucks...the web page gave me a wrong report...i got excited and then i sunk back down in my chair...sorry

Please answer my questions next to each monitor because i am also looking for a monitor.

Can anyone explain what an aperture grill is?


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May 3, 2001
wow, you've got a lot of moniotr listed. if it has an f in the name, pretty good indicator it's a flat screen. when you finally make your choice please let me know, i am looking in the same market as you. curently i am torn between the nec and the veiwsonic, although i am limited to around a $330 price range.

repeat after me, we are all individuals!


ok will do...which viewsonic are you looking for?

i am also thinking of getting that sony g400 refurbished