Question How am I NOT getting zapped?

Sep 30, 2020
So I've been following the forum for years and now it's time for a question i can't seem to figure out myself.

My psu for a 20m led strip died, so a friend gave an old modified atx psu as a temporary replacement.

I wired it up, plugged in and placed it next to another led psu, only to get immediately zapped.

I moved it away and put my mains tester on the chassis.
The metal frame was getting 220v that I didn't feel as long as the psu wasn't in contact with the nearby one.

Oddly enough the tester would turn off when I simultaneously touched the chassis myself, as if I'd absorb the voltage without feeling anything.

Turned out the psu cable was damaged and only the live wire was connected. No neutral, no ground.

However, can someone explain how would this happen? Ok the psu only got the live 220v.
Why was it transferred to the chassis?
Why was I not zapped when touching it?
Why would the voltage drop when I touched it?
Why was I zapped only when the metal frame touched a nearby working psu?


You do not absorb voltage.

If you felt a shock when you were "zapped" and through some good grace the amount of current (pushed by voltage) was not enough to injure or kill you.

Electricity at its' basic wants to go from high concentration of electrons to low concentrations of electrons.

The latter being earth or ground.

Classic example: lightning.

If you or some device is in the path then the results can be minor ( a tingle) to major (death by electrocution).

Google "electrocution". Learn about electrocution.

Be thankful and fix the problem. Keep the electricity in its proper paths and ensure that that grounding protection is in place.
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