[SOLVED] How bad is the disk in reality?

Aug 29, 2022
Hi, my friend has some problems with his PC, games load very slow (if they even load), his pc freezes every 10+- minutes. Crystal disk mark shows BAD disk state and some sectors being bad. We tested it through Sandisk apps (we got around 16 000 ms response times at many moments in task manager while the test was running). He had no problems with games and apps but recently (1 month or so) he can not even play games like League of Legends without getting a 1 minute freeze lag. When playing bigger games like sekiro he says his PC crashes or loads the game with broken textures. His PC boot time is 20 minutes and if he wants to play League then he waits like 1 hours or he is not able to start it. I wanted to ask if the issue is 100% related to disk or if it might be a cpu related problem as well. Im kinda sure its the disk but still dont want him to buy a new one if it wont solve the problem. Thank you in advance <3.
GTX 1060 6gb
AMD FX 6350 avg temp: 50(desktop) max: 70 (while in game)
TOSHIBA DT01ACA100 (the bad disk)


(to translate the image: Power on count - 5053, power on hours - 21877 hours, red text: "BAD(05)remapped sectors: 2005"