How can I make Supreme Commander use all 4gb of my RAM?


Mar 31, 2012
Hi, some people have seen this problem before. The Game Supreme Commander only uses 2GB's worth of RAM (it's 32-bit game, with no 64-bit option) (it's old alright...). I recently found a fix for this to allow it to use 3GB's worth of RAM but I was wondering if anyone had any info on how to make it run on all 4GBs? I have a decent computer so hardware shouldn't be a big problem but 4GB of RAM is probably the worst thing about my PC.

Some people may have seen the 3GB fix, I have it. Can that fix be edited for 4GB's? If so, how?


Sorry I just found the fix for the problem :pt1cable:
Here is a link if anyone is interested:
that then goes to this page with the download link:
thats just the LAA patch that was used by the skyrim modders, it doesnt work on all games though as it can cause instability on the games you do patch... so make sure you edit a backup rather than the original file...

so b4 you use the above or a similar app copy the main exe to a safe location then patch it. if the game fails to run then just run the patch again and deselect the LAA option if your app allows it or copy the original file over the top of the modded 1...

personally i prefer laa_2_0_4 which can be found on a link in tech powerup forums...
this app tells you if the game already supports laa as some 32bit apps do so dont need patching.