How do I add a 970 evo to a pc as a boot drive


Mar 25, 2015
I have no idea what I'm doing. I bought this 970 because I found pdfs online from samsung showing that I could clone my boot drive, which I figured wouldn't be difficult or require multiple restarts and data transferring repeatedly, and all the other stuff I end up having to do because I know just enough to cause myself days of genuine stress.

Bought a 250gb 970 evo from best buy, stuck it in my HP. The HP came with a 2tb hdd, 550gb is on it. I've only had the computer a couple weeks, but I copied over files from a laptop that I was using for photo editing and web browsing. That laptop was a Lenovo that came with a 1tb hdd, and I added a 128gb m.2 ssd and made it the boot drive. That was a couple years ago, but I don't remember having this much trouble doing it.

The Samsung migration software is very limited in the file types it will allow you to exclude, so I can't ignore the photo raw files, they have to be deleted to actually clear space to get it under the size limit of the 970. After deleting 350gb of files on my desktop, used the samsung data migration software to clone the drive.

Migration software says it was successful, then waited several hours as the 350gb of data was restored from my external hdd - which I shouldn't have done so early, as it is now obvious to me. I just figured since I had apparently cloned the boot drive I could go ahead and restore the data now, so that once I was booting from the 970 I could get back to using the hdd for storage.

Restarted the computer, it goes into some sort of windows update or something. I don't know what it was, I fell asleep on the couch waiting for the system to get past the preparing windows screen.

Logged in, ran magician, says the 970 is not compatible, and that there is no volume on the drive. No new drive appears in windows explorer. Realized I downloaded but didn't install the nvme driver. So I installed the driver, in case maybe that was the problem.

Deleted the recovered data yet again, ran the data migration app again, says successful again, popup about a volume K shows up for a second, yet still no new drive in explorer. Magician says no compatibility problems, that 0.3tb has been written to the drive, but also there's still no volume on the drive. Restart and enter bios, move 970 evo uefi into top position, do nothing else in bios, save and exit.

Computer still boots from hdd, still no new drive in explorer.
Oct 15, 2018

Did you find the solution??? I have the the 970evo in a rog h370-f … and I can't find the solution to boot from the 970evo