How do I clean my computer from dust?- alternatives

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I can't find compressed air cans anywhere as there aren't many computer shops in the UAE- where I live, my HP desktop computer hasn't been dust cleaned for 4 years and the fans are always at high rpm because of this, what could I use to clean it?

I can't find special equipment any where. The CPU heat sink is filled with dust in between the fins.
Depends how extreme you want to go with it :)

is it just the heatsink in particular you're worried about or the whole system?
I wont write an essay if its just the heatsink :)
no 'special' equipment is available to my knowledge, or required to be honest, other than a static wristband if you wish, opinions vary on the effectiveness though
I use one on the better safe than sorry principle.
let me know and I'll draw up a cleaning plan/instructions for you



The whole thing with the heatsink.


Apr 20, 2007
For seriously dusty systems I've used an air compressor and vacuum cleaner from about 2 feet away - not too much air pressure that might damage anything, and no static from the vacuum.

Works a treat.
Grab a toothpick or cocktail stick, an old toothbrush, small phillips screwdriver, plenty of kitchen towels and your vacuum cleaner.

turn pc off obviously :)
unplug cpu fan and and remove it from heatsink ,
use the toothbrush to brush the blades and the toothpick to get any welded on gunk off, once clean put your fingers on the middle of the fan and gently but firmly push to make sure its sat correctly on the motor housing,
a tiny blob of grease on the bearing doesn't hurt if you can get to it, or a spray of WD40 (lubricating spray) let it dry while you get on with the main heatsink.

Best way imo of cleaning the heatsink is to remove it, wash and dry well then re-apply thermal paste before reassembling and re-seating it.
but assuming you are leaving the heatsink in place,

Disconnect your rear fan (if fitted), just the plug, no need to remove the fan unless your cleaning that too
set your vacuum up so the hose is about 6-10 inches from the pc,(just close enough to have a bit of suction inside the case so it pulls the crap out) and sucking through the rear fans mesh/hole
gently use the toothpick to loosen the fluff/gunk/what the hell is that! from the heatsink, being careful not to knock the heatsink about too much,
now and again turn the pc upside down and let stuff fall onto the kitchen towels
you can use a rolled/flattened piece of paper to get further into the Hs if the design is a bit much for the toothpick,
once your happy with the state of it, do a final de-gunk inside the case, replace your fan *Remember to plug it back in*
and repeat as necessary whenever you need/want to,
hope this helps man,


I did it with a hairdryer, I didn't remove the heatsink, I just unscrewed the fan becuase I was scared of removing or ruining the thermal paste,
When I turned on the hairdryer dust blew into my face and I still have itchy eyes and sneezing.

I also installed a GT 240 while I was at at it.

My computer is as good as new now, the only thing out dated is the Pentium D 925, I plan for an upgrade soon.

I used pretty much all of your advice, the vacuum cleaner, the hairdryer, toothpicks and everything, EXCEPT the leaf blower.

CPU idle drop from 50-60 Celsius to 36-40!

Anyways these probably are the best alternatives to dust cleaning your PC.

This is a MINT thread, perfect.

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The reason you remove the fan is so you dont make it revolve and feed current back into the mobo potentially blowing it,
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Jul 15, 2011

if there is no cans of compressed air in the UAE,
go on-line shopping ebay or amazon and buy a home delivery..
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