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  1. S

    Build Advice PC for Video/VFX Work

    Hey Guys, 2012 together with the community of Tom's Hardware Forum I build a PC for my main work. Since then technology quiet moved on and I want to upgrade or build a new system for me. I usually do a lot of editing in Premiere Pro, but also InDesign and After Effects. Maybe in the future...
  2. G

    Question Google Chrome video color issue

    I tried other web browsers like Firefox and Opera, watched Youtube videos and there no issues, so only on Google Chrome have color issue that the video show redish color instead black color, and here a image that have a bit redish color video with black page while other browser the page and...
  3. __Dodger__

    Question Broken AVI File

    Hi not sure if this is the right place for this but I'm in a pickle and need some help. I've got a large video file (153GB). I was screen recording with MSI afterburner and the program i was recording crashed meaning the recording stopped unexpectedly. The video file can now no longer open...
  4. A

    Question Any software to delay video output of chrome, or even windows?

    Does anybody know any free software that delays video playback in chrome or windows in general? It needs to only delay video, not audio.
  5. G

    Question My PC is Stuttering Audio Visual

    Im experiencing a Video/audio stutter. Like its a very minor audio stutter that lasts less than half a second and it happens in and out of games. In game it stutters the screen. My mouse courser will be on one side of the screen and if the stutter happens when i move it it will end up on the...
  6. S

    Question Videos won't load after power outage (likely wrong category)

    Today I had a power outage from a storm, all was routine until i tried loading a YouTube video and got message saying "if video continues to load, refresh". I did and still no luck. To troubleshoot I tried Twitch, Vudu, and Netflix, all infinitely loading. I did the routine cache clearing...
  7. Fromwhere

    PC config for Video Editing

    I'm not perfect fluent so I hope you'll understand. I'll buy a new PC so I would like to have your opinion about this config (compatibility, etc.). Thanks in advance! Intel Core i7-8700K (3.7 GHz) 478€95 Motherboard : ASUS PRIME Z370-A II 187€95 Ventirad : Noctua NH-U9S 59€95 RAM ...
  8. D

    Question Videos not playing/working on laptop(dv6-6c02sm)

    I have a strange problem, don't even know how to explain it or what's wrong. I use HP Pavilion dv6-6c02sm Entertainment Notebook PC. Out of a sudden one day, videos weren't working(just black screen where the video should be, not the whole screen), on the web and computer. I tried to revert...
  9. editor1

    [SOLVED] sync compressing a back up video's ?

    Hi Can it be dun ? I hate waiting for hole new back up's. Most of my storage space is video's. Can video's be compressed without damaging the original file's ? Can 3T bites of assorted video file formats be compressed to 1.5T bites or more like 2T bites ?
  10. B

    Question iGPU or dGPU for browser (for online video)?

    Hello all, I have a laptop with Intel HD and a Nvidia MX150 dGPU. I've noticed that the Intel HD gets really pushed while I'm watching videos (youtube and other streaming sites/content). I was thinking if it would make sense to set the dGPU (Nvidia MX150) as default for my browser (Chrome) via...
  11. M

    Question What is possible with HDMI in home multimedia? HDCP ARC...

    Hi everyone, Despite being a network engineer at Cisco, I am a complete noob within the space of multimedia. I know the basic differences between HDMI and DP and the different versions within HDMI, I also know the basics in 4K Video and Audio. But I lack some basic knowledge to understand how...
  12. D

    Question PC slowly but surely stops working properly.

    Just a couple of days ago, my PC started acting strange. After running the PC for a short while, it would lose all sound, and all videos no matter what site or program I use will stop playing and just buffer for all eternity. Going even further, all programs I try to start will never actually...
  13. R

    Question PC Freezes randomly for ~2 seconds.

    Hi, When I watch youtube videos or Twitch streams, my audio cuts out randomly for around 2 seconds. When playing games such as GTA V my entire PC freezes for around 2 seconds. I've been having this issue for around 4 years, but I never could find a fix online that actually worked, I tried...
  14. J

    [SOLVED] Asus 970 Pro Gaming Aura pcie3 compatible?

    we just tried upgrading/reviving our main PC and when we plugged This Graphics card there was no video. my dad refunded it and now i'm trying to figure out what went wrong. is it possible that the motherboard isn't compatible. (PS honestly just doing this because dad doesn't believe that we...
  15. motoxdude

    Question I just want to run 4K on a monitor using AMD FX Processors and RX 460 Video Cards... but I get mixed results! Help! Not a Gamer, just a regular guy!

    Run AMD FX in 970 Chipsets... and RX 460 Video Graphics. Seems I get mixed results with very similar towers. Worst seem to come trying to watch 4K content on 1080P monitors. 2.7K monitors do better, but not consistently. HELP! How is it my FX-6100 suddenly worked GREAT attached to a...
  16. velocci

    Question 7.1 audio on a motherboard used for home theater

    Hi all, I'm using an old PC as my HTPC with an nVidia 1050Ti video card going into my AVR. I know the PC doesn't have 7.1 audio, but I do get 7.1 audio when watching a movie. Where does the 7.1 audio come from?
  17. BobMcSmith

    [SOLVED] Video file too big to play in VLC

    Hello! I don't know if this is the right category, so sorry if it isn't. :confused2: Anyway, I recorded a game clip a while ago, and left OBS recording overnight accidentally. Now I have a file that is 68 Gigs, and I can't open it in VLC or Premiere to clip it down. What do I do? Help!
  18. X

    Question What video card can work with my mobo?

    Hey guys! I want to do a little upgrade in my old PC so that it was possible to play some games. None from last generation, just games like MW3 or something like that. There goes the settings now: MoBo Manufacturer: Semp Toshiba Informática LTDA Model: STI 005492 1.01G Chipset Intel P35/G33/G31...
  19. i try and budget

    Question Shadowplay videos freezing/laggy/stuttering???

    Hello everyone. This honestly has me really frustrated I have so many recordings just like little one minutes clips of my highlights and the videos are coming out very laggy especially at the "best" part this is ridiculous.. I have a gtx 960ssc fully updated with an I7 cpu and 12gb of ram. And...
  20. M

    Question Is it an overheat issue if...?

    I experience sudden shutdowns during video rendering. The computer never shuts down during games or video editing, even under the heaviest loads, yet during render it has shut down quite a few times. Do you think this is an overheat issue? My average system temp is around 50 'c but during these...