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  1. Question Random audio and video freezing.

    I am getting these seemingly random freezes where my audio and video freezes for a few seconds, and then continues like nothing ever happened. I have been trying to figure out the issue for a while now, I have done a clean windows reset, I have checked my ram for errors, I have updated all of...
  2. E

    Question Video Crashes When Gaming

    Hello. I'm having a new issue lately. :c It doesn't matter what kind of game I'm playing on what settings, the video always crashes now and my fans go nuts. The PC is still on, the sound is still going, and hell, even the game is still running. And I do get an error message, but you know...can't...
  3. F

    [SOLVED] Can I cut cost on this video-editing build?

    I put together this video-editing pc ( ) build based on a few posts I found online, notably, and upgraded the CPU. As is, comes in at $600 (the ASRock mobo would add another $85, for a total of $685)...
  4. U

    Question Video delayed on all browsers after watching for a few minutes

    Hello, i have a problem with my pc that started a few days ago, when i start watching a video it goes normally, but like after 2 minutes the video is delayed, so i hear the sound like 2 seconds before the action. If i continue watching more time, the delay sometimes goes from 2 seconds to even...
  5. N

    Question files in sd card are damaging rapidly

    Today i noticed that some files in sd card are damaged . It happened two weeks ago too.some Images and videos were damaged and can only see their thumbnails. some Apk files were damaged too. What can i do for this issue ?
  6. Leonniar

    Question Need Help with an Arduino/Raspberry Pi project

    Hello guys , I had an idea of making something like a box (as a gift) with a screen inside that plays a video on loop Details of the project: I want to make something that looks like a gift box and when you remove the top there is a screen inside . The screen can be turned on and of via an...
  7. gundolf

    Question screen split/overlap in video players

    so recently I've noticed that almost every video player outside of youtube has this issue. the issue is that whenever I am streaming something on chrome there is a horizontal split in the middle of the video. I know that this isn't a problem with my monitor because it still happens if the video...
  8. J

    Question System lags when second monitor is enabled

    I just use browser and watch youtube video on second monitor. Firefox, tried to disable hardware accel, no difference, actually looks like became even worse. Video looks like 15-20 fps-ish even though it plays flawless when one monitor enabled. Every app that is open lags if it has any kind of...
  9. CeleBelly

    Question Netflix/Video Popup View Stutter on Windows 10?

    TLDR: When I play Netflix or any video in popup view (via the app) on my Windows 10 PC it stutters and freezes constantly unless I click back to it. Full: I've a ASUS tower with Windows 10 and 16 GB of RAM, 3TB hardrive and an AMD Radeon RX 480 graphics card. I only have one monitor and like to...
  10. K

    Question PNG sequence. Storage. Windows. Which archiver and archive format to apply?

    Hi! I thought. What is the best way to store video? I decided. I will store it as a PNG sequence (PNG Image Sequence, frame sequence). I work in Windows 10 Home 64-bit. The next moment arose. I save the PNG sequence in a folder. I want to backup. I want to do a backup over the network to...
  11. TimH77

    Question Video Rendering Issue...Black Section...

    I recently upgraded nearly everything... From: HP HPE-500f w/Athlon Phenom II x6 (1045T) G. Skill 4x4GB PC3-10600 (DDR3-1333) PNY GeForce 1050ti Samsung 860 Evo SSD (500GB) WD Green HDD (1.5TB) Corsair CX750M 3 Corsair ML120 Pro RGB Fans ThermalTake V3 Case To: Ryzen 7 2700x w/Prism Cooler...
  12. TheNinjaToothpick

    Question No Display, Tried Two graphics cards and multiple cables

    I’m upgrading a pc to a i5-9400, MSI Z390 and DDR4 ram the graphics card is a GTX 960 everything was placed in well and such but I get no display from multiple cables so I tried my GTX 1070ti in its place and still no display what could be my issue?
  13. Megu-Sensei

    Question No video output

    Righto I'll start off with I can get video from the motherboard everything works fine expect the video. I have uninstalled drivers, booted into safe mode, gone through bios settings, changed pcie slots and so much more <Mod Edit> please someone help.
  14. A

    Question Building A PC

    So I know I should just build on my own and it would be cheaper, but I would rather pay someone to build it just for peace of mind. So I have been doing a bit of research. I would need this PC for gaming and schoolwork (it will involve video, web photo editing and other art based programs. )...
  15. F

    Question How many high res monitors can video card support? How to calculate?

    Hi, I'm using pretty good video card GeForce RTX 2080 ti. That can support up to 7680x4320 resolution. Also it has 2 DisplayPort outputs and 2 HDMI outputs. So in theory I can plug 4 monitors. But I don't know how many high res monitors can this video card support. How to calculate this? For...
  16. B

    Question screen tearing while watching video online

    i get screen tearing while watching video online but if i download the video the tearing is gone. already tried useing adaptive v-sync (globaly and on chrome only) and it doesnt help. windows 10/gtx 1060 thanks in advance
  17. tar14444

    Question Need recommendation's on how to save over 6tb's of files

    Hello, I'm looking to get your thought's on how I should properly save over 6tb's of Video's/Game's/Photo's. I have heard that external transfer rates would take forever to move the files around but I myself have never owned a external drive. Would it be best to purchase a external HDD or...
  18. 2

    Question Browser and GPU acceleration

    Hi! I have noticed that while playing back videos on any website - in my case primarily YouTube - in both Chrome as well as Firefox, that the video decoding takes place as '3D' in task manager, and not as 'video decoding'. I am wondering if this is normal. Is it not ineffective to decode...
  19. Destroyer1170

    Question How can I improve fast forward playback speed?

    My GTX 780 gave up, and I'm looking for an upgrade to replace it. While the 780 was working, I noticed that video playback from my 5MP 30FPS H.264 home security camera was better performed by my CPU rather than my GPU hardware acceleration. For example, with hardware acceleration on, I could...
  20. S

    Question Edge Chromium Screen Tearing In Videos

    Hello. I have an RX 580. I have the brand new Edge Chromium. In any video I watch through the browser, I get a lot of screen tearing. I remember Google Chrome having the same problem when I used to use it a year ago. I also had a Nvidia graphics card at that time. There is no info on it since...