Question How would intel i9 12900k fare in editing 4k or 5.3k H.265 videos?


Jan 21, 2016
I have a GoPro Hero 11 action camera which is capable of shooting in 5.3k 60fps at 120Mbps bitrate. Which is a lot of any personal computer. I can't even play a 5.3k video on my old i3 6th generation desktop. I have been thinking of upgrading my computer for a while. I am not into gaming so I do not want to spend an awful lot of money on dedicated GPU. I am thinking of buying i9 12900k with 32GB DDR5 ram. Layer I may add another 32GB RAM and consider buying a low-mid to mid range dedicated GPU if it is going to help significantly. It would be just great if someone could help me get a rough idea on how much time it would take to render a 10 min 4k or 5.3k video on i9 12900k without dedicated GPU. Also will the difference between i7 12700k and i9 12900k significant in this specific usecase? I am likely to use adobe premiere for editing. But I could use