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  1. asem1123

    Looking for an under $1000 gaming laptop

    Hi, even though the the title says I want a gaming laptop, I'm actually going to use it for mostly video editing and animation. My budget is $1000, and for that money I couldn't find a gaming laptop with a color accurate IPS panel. I don't really want high refresh rate, just the >85% sRGB color...
  2. S

    Question i5 8600k vs i5 9400f vs ryzen 5 2600 vs ryzen 7 2700 vs i7 8700k for premier pro

    hi, i m going to build a pc for video editing in adobe premiere pro and doing little bit of after effect, gaming is not my priority and i will be not doing that(except for some time) i have narrow down some parts for my build but stuck with processor as a result motherboard and gpu is also not...
  3. J

    Question Recommendations for easy and intuitive video editting software

    I have some old family videos and other things on my Windows PC hard drive that are a) needing of trimming where there are long periods where nothing is happening; b) one or two has audio out of synch with video. I'd like to be able to resolve that as easily as possible; and c) some are...
  4. A

    Question Best editing PC build in 2019

    I'm building a new editing computer and I need something pretty powerful since I edit music videos that are really visual effects heavy. My current computer is a prebuilt gaming pc I spent $2000 on and it's not cutting it anymore. I went to Micro center and explained what I needed with my list...
  5. J

    Question Graphics Card Freezing

    Hi guys, For a couple of months my graphics card (at least that's what I think has been the issue), a Sapphire R9 280x Vapor-X, has been behaving quite erratically. Sometimes, especially when loading a video game (eg. loading video game menu, loading a new map in a video game like Counter...
  6. N

    Question First time building PC — Best RAM?

    So after 10 years in Macworld I'm returning to PC. Oh how things have changed. Pretty excited to be going back, but I'm basically a newb in doing my first custom build. Note: I'm not putting together a gaming system, but one for video editing (HD and 4K), running the Adobe CC suite. I'm...
  7. J

    Question Video Editing/Gaming PC/Workstation

    Fellas, Lady Fellas: I'm looking to build a solid video editing/gaming pc, and everyday life. My editing software is adobe premiere pro. I'd like to make it as upgradable as possible. My budget is around $1200 USD, but I'd consider saving more if totally necessary. $1200 is a start and I'd...
  8. V

    Question Can RTX 2060 (or GTX 1660 Ti) handle a 3 screen setup for video editing?

    I am building a video editing machine with i7 8700 (non k) and Inno 3D RTX 2060 6GB. I will be connecting it to a Benq 27" PD2710QC QHD Monitor (for primary editing), a Dell S2218H FHD Monitor (for footage management and casual browsing) and a Sony Bravia 40" FHD TV (for video output). I won't...
  9. E

    Question Video editing PC for up to 2 000 dollars

    Hello, I want to buy a new PC for video editing but i dont know whats best to buy. It can be prebuild or not it does’nt matter. Gaming: No, i dont play games. Video length: 2 to 15 minutes long. Resolution: 1080p FPS: 60 Software: Camtasia and After effects Budget is up to $2000
  10. V

    Question What do you think of this $2000 Video Editing rig?

    Hi, Please suggest me if the video editing system that I have decided to build will be good enough for a 1080p proxy workflow (might even edit native 4k from time to time). My preferred NLE is Adobe Premiere Pro at the moment, but I do intend to make a jump to Avid Media Composer (great for...
  11. A

    Question Best computer build for video editing? $5000 budget

    What's a good build for editing? Spent around $2000 on my last computer and it's just not cutting it anymore. Once I start adding effects it's impossible to play the timeline smoothly. My current specs are: i7-7700K 32 GB ram GTX 1080ti graphics card 480GB SSD I do a lot of heavy duty visual...
  12. T

    Question Is the i7 4790k good enough for video editing in 2019?

    My older brother is going to give me his i7 4790k as he has upgraded his cpu, I am a videographer who uses premier Pro, however due to a very bad CPU have had to edit using my universities media equipment, and I need to know is it good enough to edit and colour grade high quality 1080p footage...
  13. K

    Question what should i upgrade in my pc to make it better?!

    i currently have a cyber power from 2013 with a processor: AMD FX(tm)-4300 Quad-core processor 3.80 GHz RAM: 8GB system type: 64 bit Operating System im really just looking to make it faster for video editing using shotcut. i also would like to game on it, i used to do a lot of...
  14. P

    Question What to do with K10 Tesla in video editing PC

    I posted this question on the systems forum a few days ago, but I think maybe it is better suited for here. I have just taken over a build of a PC for video editing and Graphic Creation. The previous "builder" purchased an NVidia K10 Tesla GPU and an 800 Watt Power Supply, and had an older...
  15. M

    Question Best (budget) build for heavy motion graphics, 2D/ 3D animation, 4k video editing, AND gaming?

    Hello! This is my first time posting here, so please forgive me if this topic has been addressed a bunch of times. I've been reading through the threads, and the most recent similar one I could find was posted in 2017, and I'm looking for up-to-date recommendations. I'm currently an MFA Film...
  16. G

    Question Mid Range Router

    Currently running virmin super hub 3, which is not so super ;-) Looking at Netgear x6 8000 or x6s 8000p Budget around £100 second hand Any ideas or recommendations Need to connect to about 10 items phones tablets etc, you know how it is with kids etc Fast & good wifi thankz
  17. I

    Question CPU compatibility with ram

    Dear Fellows hope you all are great So after trying to research this on google i am still confused maybe i am new to computers thats why My question is i have i7 8700k with asus rog z390h mobo which supports XMP can i put 3200 Mhz ram something like tridentz corsair or hyperfuryx also in order...
  18. E

    Question Cannot Get New Build To Load Windows [SOLVED]

    I've just finished building a new computer with the following: I7 9700k Gigabyte Z390 Gaming X 16 GB Corsair 3200 RAM Samsung 970 M.2 250 GB/Samsung 860 1TB SSD I can't seem to get it to load up Windows. I can get into the BIOS fine, it recognizes everything plugged in. But as soon as I try to...
  19. Ray A1

    Question I7 7700

    Hello Folks, New to the forum today and here is my first question, I currently have 2 custom built workstations that have been built to run Siemens Solid Edge and the other to run Keyshot Pro.. so my question is My 3 rd machine for general use is an i5 7400, 8Gb ddr4 memory and the board is...
  20. nikolic005

    Question Network Problem

    For about 2-3 months i have really bad experience with internet before that everything was normal so i have problem when i start my PC (i have ethernet cable network) everything works i enter on youtube for 10 - 15 min then network shutdown i plug out and get it back then also 10 min and also...