How do I get my old hd setting on my new ssd


Feb 26, 2012
I just installed an ssd drive to my pc. I installed a new install of windows with updates and drivers on it while my old hd was unplugged. I then plugged my old hd back up and all files and folders are visible and accessable but I cannot run the programs off the old hd such as Itunes. I just installed the ssd for windows and games which I have installed on the ssd and they work great. I can change the boot order and reboot my pc as it was before the install but I was just wondering if and how it is possible to still run my other programs off my hd and still have my profiles, documents, as settings from my old hd work with my new ssd as the bootable drive?


Sep 12, 2011
Typically you would use a duplication program such as Norton Ghost to make an exact copy your old mechanical Hard Drive to the new SSD drive. Many SSD drives even come with a free copy of such software.

To answer you question of if it is possible to run programs from the other hard drive, the short answer is no. When you install a program it puts all kinds of settings and data into the Windows registry. Since the Windows installed on your SSD drive does not contain this registry information most programs wont work properly.