Question How do I interpret furmark tests to check if GPU has been mined on?


Nov 11, 2020
Hi team -

I purchased a evga 1060 sc second hand. I wanted to see if it has been mined on so I stressed tested it on Furmark on 1080p settings. The test gave me a score of 4404 points and an average of 73 FPS

I then went on furmark to see the benchmarks for 1080p settings for evga 1060 sc's. The score there was 4578 points and 76 fps

Can someone interpret this to me? there is a 174 point difference in scores and a 3 point difference in FPS - what does this tell us? has the card been mined on? the only info I have is that the card's age is that its somewhere between 3-4 years old
To be honest there is no way to see how long the card has been used. You can check to see if the bios has been changed and open it up to see if the gpu has been repasted and cooling strips replaced. Mining cards usually have the gpu at zero or turned down while mining. The memory is what is used to mine and that is usually overclocked. A gpu that is on all the time instead of being turned off and on repeatedly may be the safer bet, especially if it was used for gaming which entails overclocking the gpu and memory and overvolting. The test score results have alot of factors involved, what cpu was used, what memory, motherboard etc. during the test. So, your results will vary from the referenced one. You always take a chance buying used gpu's, Your test results I would say are within the norm.
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