How do I SCRUB my PC?


Nov 1, 2009
I am planning to sell my PC which uses Windows Vista Home Premium software. I would like to scrub all my data before selling it. How do I go about scrubbing all the data stored in my computer?
You could download DBAN as well or use a zero-write utility that comes with whatever brand of hard drive you have. (All HD manufacturers have one). One pass is sufficient, but if you're really paranoid you could perform 2 or 3 passes. You'd need to perform some serious data forensics to get anything off after that.



If you are confident the buyer is not someone after your personal data and you intend to include the OS in the purchase, you can do that. If this is for eBay or you don't know the buyer well, or at all, I'd suggest wiping the drive a few times first and go from there.

It's just a little more work to protect yourself from potential damage later on.

That's a very effective method but it also effectively renders the drive unsellable.