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Question How does Adapative Mode + Offset work?


Jul 13, 2016
Today I read several articles regarding overclocking and think I'm ready to give it a spin.
I OC'd the CPU (i7 6700k) to 4.5Ghz @ 1.250v (seems to be running fine for now).

But I see that the 1.250 volts are constantly pushing even when idle, so I thought about trying something else. I want the system to be using low volts / power consumption when Idle and going to 4,5Ghz and using more volts when needed.

To fully understand what I had to do, I read some articles about Adapative Mode + Offset Mode. Sadly I still don't fully understand what settings I need to be using for this to be in a good spot.

Currently I have the following settings:

  • 4.5 Ghz
  • 1.250 Volts
  • Mode: Adaptive + Offset
  • Offset mode: Auto
  • Offset amount: Auto
I see that the volts are higher than 1.250v I set up... I think it uses about 1.272 at 4.5Ghz (full load)
Could anyone explain how I can use a low volt when idle, but a set voltage like 1.250 @ 4.5Ghz? :)

Appreciate the help!
This is a very thorny area and it took me a long time to get my head around it!!! But based on your numbers that looks okay to me, especially the 1.272 overshoot which is not bad but it should drop when the vcore when the frequency drops (make sure you are in balanced mode).

I only understand the Gigabyte motherboards side of adaptive vcore which is different from say ASUS.

For me I have an adaptive overclock which sets a ceiling for vcore and then allows the vcore to go up or down...usually from 800mhz (1.2v) to max frequency and stoping at 1.278v on my setup for a 4.9GHz overclock. This means I have to set a offset which in my case was +0.020 and a LLC of High to maintain a bump to avoid a vcore droop!!! yes it is complicated but apparently easier on ASUS board.

The key is understanding your baseline vcore first which can be complicated, once you have that then you can set an offset to match.

PS I hope there are others on this forum better than me on this!!!