How long will SSD live if untouched?


Mar 6, 2012
I bought an SSD Samsung 830 128GB. Installed Windows 7 on it with drivers and frequently used programs.
If i was not to use it and go back to my spinning HDD and not use it but have power going through it when i turn the computer on...Will it lose slowly lose data if i dont use it as primary? Is there anything else i need to know if i was to "store" a SSD away for safe keeping-like a backup?


It would be silly to use it to "store" data for an extended period, although it would last a long time if stored properly.

If you don't use it, sell it -- by the time you access it again it will be worth very little and be an antique like the sticks SIMM memory in the bottom drawer of my desk.

What is the issue that would make you go back to a HDD from an 830?
The rumors of SSDs having a short lifespan are exagerated, much like Plasma TVs. SSDs last 5-10 years even under heavy usage and most manufacturers offer warranties of at least 3 years (Samsung included) with extended warranties available at some retail shops.