Question How much frequency DDR4 RAM I should go with?

Aug 4, 2019
I want to get a new desktop PC built with
CPU: i3 9100F
SSD: 500GB Samsung 970 Evo Plus
Motherboard: Compatible for i3 9th gen which can use 970 Evo Plus SSD.

I'm not into gaming. I do web design work. By far I got it I don't need more CPU power. I need more RAM & fast SSD as my work need heavy browsing. But I'm not clear about the frequency I should go with.

Right now I'm using i3 7100, 120 GB 840 evo SSD, 8GB DDR4 RAM 2400Mhz. This one will be used by my assistant after I get new one. So I'm not upgrading this one. Will buy new one.
The i5-9100f does not come with integrated graphics.
You need to plan on at least a minimal discrete graphics card.
Since you do not need fast graphics, a i3-9100 which does include integrated graphics might be better.
Even though it costs more, a discrete graphics card is going to cost $40 or so.

With a discrete graphics card, ram speed is not very important to actual performance. 2400 speed is fine.
The important thing is to buy a 2 stick kit so you can run in dual channel mode.
Graphics processing does get help from faster ram, say 3000 speed, but for your usage, 2400 speed is ok.
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Intel, if you get a non Z series board, the fastest you can go is 2666. A ryzen 2200g is another option, for you. Costs less, and has integrated graphics. For the cost of a regular i3 9100, you could get a Ryzen 5 2400g, which will multitask even better, and also has IGP. Pair it with 3000, or 3200, speed ram.
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Aug 4, 2019
Yes, I know that. I'll pull out the graphics card from the current desktop. Else I'll get i3 9100 as suggested by you.
Yes, I'm buying 2x8GB DDR4 RAM = 16GB total

Ryzen is as cool as Intel CPU now? No one uses AMD in my locality. Too hot weather in summer is a problem.
I have killed 2 laptops working in summer and both lasted 2 years each.

If it's cool & good for multitasking, I would prefer Ryzen 5 2400g. Not sure if multitasking will help with heavy browsing.
The key to cooling will be a case with adequate ventilation.
A front intake fan of 120mm should do it. Many good cases will have two such intakes.

Laptop cooling is always a problem because of limited cooling capability.

Your i3-7100 has a tdp of 51w, the i3-9100/f and ryzen 2400g are both 65w.
For these tdp numbers , and no overclocking, the stock coolers will be fine.

The advantage of 2400g is superior fast action graphics and 8 threads.
The negative is slower single thread performance which is likely more important to your application(passmark 2431 for 9100 and 1944 for 2200g)

If you are doing lost of multitasking, you might even consider a 2 x 16gb ram kit.
I hear that chrome os particularly ram costly if you have many pages open.
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