How to Buy the Right CPU

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Jun 8, 2015
Whether you’re building or upgrading a new PC, the CPU matters a lot (and the chip you choose will also dictate your motherboard purchase). Here is a guide.

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It would seem to me that DATA SECURITY would be high on any list of desirable CPU attributes.

Is that too much to ask?

Intel continues to produce silicon that is demonstrated time and time again to be flawed and vulnerable to malicious attack.

Yet Tom's Hardware continues to pump Intel's junk.

Intel will not change unless they are forced to by the weight on public opinion. The media is also part of the problem.
"Ryzen, just end it their and look again in 2021 when Intel has something interesting."

Huh? 9900K features near HEDT performance closer to Ryzen pricing. Availability is great with motherboard bundles offering a $30 discount from some vendors. Comparing the total system costs, spending another 7% for top-of-the chart performance is the smart choice.
It's 240€ more than the 2700X. A decent z390 motherboard for it will cost a good 50€ extra over a good x470 motherboard. You also need a really good cooler for it which is another 80-150€.

That ~400€ extra would be 7% only in a ~5000€ build which is way beyond what 99.99% of gamers use on their systems.
The i9 9900k is merely a dick extension for people who think the i7 8700k is too mainstream.
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Jan 17, 2004
Then again, there is security and how much the at purchase performance will suffer when fixes are applied. Also consider the fixes. Some are software and at risk for to be breached as well. This is the state of Intel. You get to pay top dollar for a CPU based on a level of performance and features you won't get after Intel "fixes" yet another security flaw.

How about you buy a car and a year later the maker sends you a letter telling you they have to disable one of the six cylinders or one of the six batteries in the bank with no recourse or restitution? Then two years later they send you another letter telling you they have to disable another cylinder or battery. Would you buy that (having the knowledge of course)?

Meanwhile, over at AMD, not so much a problem.
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