how to change paper size by the registry?



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"Marc Collin" <> wrote in message
> i would like to change the paper size by registry

This is a bad idea, for three reasons.

First, many of the built-in paper sizes are not even found in the registry -
they are built into the spooler - so you have no chance to change them.

Second, the spooler reads them at start time and doesn't consult it after,
so you'll end up with a mismatch if you try to do this at runtime.

Third, there are two other ways to do this without mucking with the
undocumented registry interface

Better choices:

1) use the forms dialog box found in Server Properties to set the sizes of
the add-on forms. This is the right solution for a one-time change

2) use the Forms API to set them programmatically. Some time ago I wrote a
Tech Tip on this: perhaps you'll find it useful.


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