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Question How to connect directly to router

Jun 23, 2020
Absolute technology illiterate here. We have tenants living with us that use a wifi repeater downstairs. we have split the wifi bands between 2.4ghz and 5ghz to help alleviate congestion. how would we go about connecting a device on the 2.4ghz network directly to the router and not the repeater network that the tenants are using (repeating device is on 2.4). as soon as a device connects on 2.4ghz it directly joins the repeater network and not to the modem itself. any help would be appreciated thanks
If you are using Windows 10 you need to click the small "Network" icon in the bottom right corner of your screen and select "Wi-Fi". There you will see all the available Wi-Fi network connections. Just choose your modem/routers name from the list and make sure to check-mark "Connect automatically".

It may not be easy. First your end device is what is deciding to connect to the repeater. It must think the signal is better.
It all depends on the repeater and what function it has. Some use different ssid with something like "-ext" added other use the same name. If the SSID is the same I don't know if you can force it to connect to the router. It would be nice if you could tell it what mac address to connect to but I don't know how.

So the first step would be to see if the repeater can be set to a different SSID. If not does your router have the ability to run mulitple SSID. Does it have the guest feature....this may cause issues if you share files between machines but it will work well for internet only.