Question How to find Duplicate Songs on my music file

Jan 20, 2022
I have too many songs, and I know some are duplicate. The question: Is there a way to search a file for duplicate songs?, Thanks
Do these duplicates have the EXACT same file name, including punctuation, spacing, file extension, etc?

Are they scattered across dozens or hundreds of folders?

Confusion: you say "search a file".

What exactly does that mean? Search FOR a file? Search WITHIN a file? Search for song titles on a text list containing thousands of titles? Search for song file names on a hard drive? Search for entries in a Microsoft Excel file?
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OK, These are just individual song titles They will be on one flash drive (just the songs) to be searched for duplicates. Thanks

What exactly constitutes a duplicate?

A simple match of the file name?

I would not expect that to be possible if they are in the same folder.

Johnny Cash - I Walk The Line.mp3 can only exist one time in a given folder without one over-writing the other.

Maybe they are in different folders. You don't say.

Maybe they are the same artist and song, but different versions. Would those be duplicates to you?

Johnny Cash - I Walk The Line (1956 original version).mp3

Johnny Cash - I Walk The Line (live version at San Quentin Prison).mp3

Johnny Cash - I Walk The Line (1966 version).mp3

All 3 could exist in the same folder.

Would they be duplicates?

The more detail you can provide, the more likely you'll find an answer.


Nov 30, 2021
Yes, you can look for duplicate songs. There are many programs that can do that if your player doesn't have that function. Here is a start for you, some free, some may charge, look at reviews. I have used several over the years.

I am surprised you weren't asked for your system specs too. I didn't think it was that difficult to understand what you were asking.