Question How to get faster speeds for uploading to server?


Oct 23, 2020
I'm uploading my files to my brother's server using Winscp. His download and upload speeds are 90/25 and mine are 150/150.

So what I don't get us that Winscp is sitting at 7mbps at max when I upload files to his server. What's the issue and is there a way to get it any higher? I already set it as unlimited.

All i send is video footage of games that I record and nothing else right now. Not sure if this is where I can ask this so my bad if it's on the wrong forum.
Be careful about rates. Most file transfers are in MBYTES and the rates the ISP sell you are in mbits. Still that would be 3 MBYTE upload rate.

Transfering files is not really a valid test unless you are very careful. A bunch of small files has much more overhead than one very large single file.

What I would try first is to run IPERF, This is a very simplistic program that is not affected by things like disk speed or cpu or memory. It is easy to run between machines on a LAN. It can be run over the internet but I forget what ports it want to use. Likely the best test is to use DMZ mode on both ends.

It could just be that program is inefficient. Not sure FTP has always been a pain and using encrypted forms adds a layer of complexity.

What you might consider is adding a VPN server to one of the routers and then running a vpn client on the other remote machine. You could also run vpn on the remote router but the design of the lan gets more complex if you use the same IP addresses. A vpn allows you to use other forms of file transfer than FTP