How To Get In Touch With Your Mobile Provider

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If you are unable to find a driver, software, etc... for your phone and we cannot help you out here, your best bet is to check your cell/smart phone manufacturer's support site. At these sites you can utilize knowledge bases, manuals, contact customer support, and find software updates for your device. If that does not pay dividends, another route to go would be to contact your carrier's customer service department. Usually the customer service reps can pass you off to technical support, who in turn can help you figure out how to solve an issue. If we missed any manufacturers, PM a mod and let us know.

How To Get In Touch With Your Carrier:

Cell/Smart Phone Manufacturer Support Sites
-Research in Motion (Blackberry):
-Apple (iPhone):
-Sony Ericsson:
-HP (iPAQ):
-Sharp (FX):
-Sierra Wireless:

Android Based Phone Support Sites

In addition, it is virtually impossible to list all the cellular providers out there. Thankfully Wikipedia has compiled a list of the world's cell phone providers complete with links to the providers' websites:

1. North America, South America, and the Caribbean (includes Continental USA, Canada, Hawaii, Alaska, Central America, and US Virgin Territories) :

2. European Union and Eastern Europe (includes Russian Federation, UK, and Western Asia):

3. Asia Pacific (includes Australia, French Polynesia, Indian Subcontinent, and Central Asia):

4. Middle East and Africa (includes Mediterranean, Turkey Republic, Indian Ocean Island Nations) :

You can find cellular providers for any region and country in these four Wikipedia entries. The Tom's Hardware moderation team, nor any user, will help you in regards to account specific information such as phone passwords, IMEI requests, root phone requests, e-mail syncing, e-mail password cracking, and things of that nature. These things are against the terms of service for this board and all posts asking for this kind of assistance will be locked or deleted immediately. As well as any threads posting personal phone numbers or phone serial numbers. These threads will be locked and you will receive a ban for this information. Identity theft is a very real crime and you can be arrested and prosecuted for it, often resulting in a multiple year jail sentence. As such no one will help with that information. You must contact your provider for account specific assistance, and these links will help you get in touch with your cell phone provider.
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