Question How to limit CPU usage on a certain game

May 4, 2022
Post research edit for anyone that may see this:
Using a program called DXwnd will give you tons of options to help fix this. Apparently the issue is caused via the old video cards having a 20ms delay on the Vsync, this obviously got improved but the devs did not account for it/it was not coded for it. You can cause a delay in the timing portion of dxwnd, however this can and most likely will cause crashes at any sword fighting sequence (depends on the timing and the system, for example a 16 ms delay for me caused ALL sword plays to hardcrash after killing the first enemy and trying to move on to the next stage). You can get around this by launching the game again and playing it without DXwnd to get passed the sword play, and resave once you are done.
This is obviously tedious, but with modern hardware (even HDDs) this game is small and launches and loads super fast.

Hi, I have a game called Robin Hood: Defender of The Crown. This game is the 3d version of an old game by the same title, and unfortunately, because of being old has run into an issue. I believe the game's calculations on certain things is CPU speed based, and because of that, in the archery section of the game, enemy archers become machine guns the moment they start to aim at you.
The reason I suspect it is CPU based is because using unreliable and crash-prone emulators, I was able to slow down the speed of the game (or rather, "stretch" the game) and this solved the issue it seemed (at the time). problem is, I cannot find the program that I used to do it with
I want to fix this issue preferably with minimal extra software, is there a way to do this with AMD CPUs? or any other software?

My specs:
AMD ryzen 5 3600
RTX 2070 super
DDR4 3000 mHz TeamForce Ram
2 TB SSD (500 GB nvme + 500GB GB sata + 1000GB configuration sata)
Asrock B450M/ac mother board
550B Gamdias Kratos M1 power supply
144hz monitor
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Very much doubt that any such solution is viable or practical.

If you manage to manipulate the CPU (or whatever) in order to slow down the archer's shooting rates you will likewise cause the defensive moves and options to likewise slow.

And you will get shot anyway.....

Many games have "beginner" levels that allow new players to control some aspects of the gaming environment. For example I remember some air combat game where the opposing pilots could be "slowed" in some manner to allow new players time to learn to fly and fight without getting immediately shot down.

Take a closer look at the Robin Hood game options. There could be some such configuration setting therein.

Just my thoughts on the matter.
Many moons ago, we used to slow down Taiwanese IBM-compatible knock-off PCs with a utility called "Double-DOS" so Tetris was playable ;)

After you start your game - open Task Manager, Details, find the game' EXE, and play with CPU priority.