Question How to make ARGB work with 9 fans and AIO Pump?

Jun 28, 2022
As the title says, I want to have 9 ARGB Fans working along with the pump argb display, synchronized together controlled by software.

For the specs I have:

Case: Lian Li O11 Dynamic
MoBo: ASUS Prime x570 Pro
AIO: Lian Li Galahad 360 ARGB
Fans: 6 Cooler Master MF120 Prismatic, 3 included radiator fans

So, currently I have the 6 CM fans connected to a controller and the 3 radiator + pump connected to the header. Issue being that the radiator fans have a different connector despite both being ARGB with the CM fans. Is there anyway I can get around this?

P.S. I've considered to get another pack of 3 same CM fans to replace rad fans to match the header for ARGB, but there'll still be the issue for the pump argb connector.


Your best option would be getting all ARGB from same ecosystem. And since your AIO is Lian-Li, you can go with Lian-Li UNI fans instead (same ones the AIO came with),

For added bonus, Lian-Li has L-Connect 2 software to control their ecosystem.

Going with CM fans may result in a situation where you need to use two different software, one for pump and another for CM fans. Or when you use MoBo RGB solution, they may not sync up.