How to power a NodeMcu v3 lolin without having to use USB.

May 19, 2022
Hello, I'm new here and new with Arduino and I'm in a school project that is to make a wireless lighting so I chose a NodeMcuV3 lolin with an ESP8266 chip with and I wanted to know how to power it without having to put it on the usb.
I made a schematic and wanted to know if it is correct.

if you want to make your style and help me :)

in case you didn't show up


AC to DC converter with an input from mains voltage to power the board.
A DC controlled AC switch with an input from the board.

As long as the program can send 5V DC to that pin, it should control the AC lightbulb.

Seems straightforward enough.
First and foremost: Be extremely careful what you do with 240VAC mains - this is not a toy! Have a responsible adult supervising you when you make the connections.

As for your project: I would use USB power bank to power your project, and relay box (not a board) between the AC outlet and the lamp. This would be most safe way to play with this.

Something like that: