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    Question kuongshun arduino uno r3

    Hi, can anyone give me advice about kuongshun arduino uno r3. Apparently they are giving for free with some prize and need to pay shipping 10$ but is it actually cost effective or can i find for same price something similar. Here is a link
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    Question Designing undergraduate course - what's the most robust microcontroller?

    I'm redesigning an undergraduate introductory circuits course. In the course students design and build an analog front end amplifier, pass it through an ADC, and process the data with their computers. Initially we used the raspberry Pi 3B, which had pretty easy integration as we can give them an...
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    Question How can I get a more stable voltage out of an ATX PSU?

    I'm starting working with Arduino projects, and in my actual project, I need to run a few servo motors. I, like many others, turned an old ATX1 PSU into a "bench" power supply (since Arduino can't provide enough current to power all the servos). I connected an 8.2-ohm 10-watt resistor in the 5v...
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    Question New m.2 drive not letting computer boot

    I just installed a WD Blue 3D NAND 1TB PC SSD - SATA III and my PC stopped recognizing my old boot drive (Samsung 860 EVO 250GB)I don't see it anywhere in the bios, when I take out the M.2 it boots up just fine MSI Z170a-G44 GTX 1080 I7-6700k 2 Samsung 860 EVO 250GB I try searching online for an...
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    WIndows defender in not in service

    My windows defender is not even included in services.msc.. i downloaded something to add it in the control panel after its sudden deletion.. but it didnt work... for windows 10 pro Any suggestions ? thanks
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    Computer freezing after new build

    Hi, So I've been having an issue for the last few days where my computer randomly freezes. It freezes while idle, playing games, and is pretty much just completely random. During these freezes, I experience a complete lockup. However, keep in mind that if I'm watching a video or listening to...
  7. S

    Moving Windows 10 across devices

    Hello Tom's Hardware community, my first time posting here, but I'll get to the subject right away! I currently own a Asus G55WV gaming laptop (i7 3610QM @ 2,3 Ghz. and GTX 660M @ 2GB) and I'm looking forward to upgrading to a desktop PC in the summer. However, I have a problem: I got this...
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    More cores or higher clock speed for a lot of processes

    Hi, sorry if this is a nooby question, but i am not quite sure how this works. The app: The wikipedia page for it says its mainly single threaded but has a few multi-threaded things done (barely), so its pretty much single threaded. The scenario: I need to run as many of these processes as...
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    A cheap/Budget yet efficent z3 Motherboard for an i5-8400 ?

    Hello peeps, I watched many video reviews about MBs and have read various threads including the current site's forums about the "best budget Motherboard for an i5-8400" In conclusion; I am torn between buying a current cheap z370 or waiting for even cheaper models I never like OCing that's...
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    I have a laptop with radeon r5 m330 graphics and still not able to run basic games like prototype and saints row 3. Please hel

    I have radeon r5 m330 graphics card on my laptop and I am still not able to run games on even low settings like prototype 2 and saints row 3.please help. I am not that kind of geek so please elaborate when answering. Thank you.
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    Can I move old hyper 212 from lga1155 to lga1150?

    Hi there, So I bought a Hyper 212 (I don't know if it was 212+ or 212evo or just 212) back in 2009 i think for my i7 2600k. Mid last year I made a new build using an i7 4790k and kept the stock heatsink on there, today this heat sink is running loud for the last time I need to change it. I was...
  12. G

    Can I power a 1060 6gb aorus?

    So, im looking forward on buying a gigabyte 1060 6gb aorus xtreme gaming, but it needs 4x4 power cable, you know , that think you connect, well i can only power it but i cant power 2 of those, my psu doesnt have the small thing to connect it seperately, so 1 pair of 2 remain unpowered, will i be...
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    Do I NEED to use RAID when using 2 hard drives or can I use them as 2 different drives?

    I decided I'm going to get 2 hard drives of 1TB each. That way, I can use one for games and the other for mass storage. My question is: do I REALLY need to use RAID or is there the option to run both drives separately?
  14. kcarbotte

    Asus Reveals Details About Its Windows Mixed Reality Headset

    Asus revealed new details about the company’s upcoming Windows Mixed Reality headset, including specifications and price, but we don’t yet know when it’s coming out. Asus Reveals Details About Its Windows Mixed Reality Headset : Read more
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    J3455-ITX board and SDCard Adapter.

    Hi All, I'm trying to buy this ASROCK J3455-ITX Mainboard. The thing is I'm trying to build a custom NAS and the OS should'nt the part of the two 2,5" HDDs. So the idea is to use a SD Card Reader adapter. The Mainboard support these slots: Slots - 1 x PCI Express 2.0 x1 Slot...
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    half the watts

    If I get a 600-700Watt PSU, will it only pull the amount of watts that the hardware in the pc needs instead of all of it.
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    Extreme edition intel processor and gaming

    Does having a $1,000+ extreme edition Intel processor give any substantial gain in gaming performance? Are there any games yet that make use of more than four cores?
  18. J

    VBA changing my desktop resolution

    I've just downloaded the emulator, Visual Boy Advanced to run on my PC. I was playing with some settings and now when I launch the emulator it automatically changes my monitor from its native resolution of 2560x1440 to 860x480. I can change it back to naitive resoulution with nvidia control...
  19. J

    Alternatives to NewEgg?

    I'm in the middle of an unhappy RMA experience with NewEgg. I've bought parts from them exclusively since CompUSA went belly-up, but I've still got $1,000 of parts to buy for my new build and I trust them less now. Are there any viable alternatives out there on a corporate level? I am leary of...
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    Missing Drivers after system restore

    So my brother showed me his laptop because he said he had viruses which he did (some junk called "stack player") so I messed around with trying to remove it but figured and easy way to get rid of it was to just factory reset the laptop and save all of his files on a flash drive then reinstall...