How to reduce the noise of cpu HSF?


Jan 29, 2010
I am using Intel p4HT 524 processor(NOT overclocked) with its stock cooler for almost over 3.5 years...recently I am having an annoying HSF noise issue...when the fan changes its speed a fairly loud high pitched sound gradually grows up. I dont wanna change that stock cooler as it keeps my cpu far below the max specified temp(22C idle, 40C prime95's full load). Please, could u guys tell me some remedies that is to be applied on that existing stock hsf? I am waiting for your replies...thanx...
Simply replace your HSF with a newer LGA775 compliant unit ...

look for one with a larger fan unit that spins a bit slower ... some of the newer heatpipe units are better, as they are more efficient ...

Checkout the cooling reviews section below:,1/Cooling,7/

Good luck.

ok there is a way to lubricate the fan. Take fan off heatsink then there should be a sticker on the one side of the center of the fan now outside of your case dont do this in your case put an itsy bitsy tiny drop of hous hold oil then spin it as fast as u can by hand for a cple minutes make sure none is dripping out then replace sticker with a piece of tape and remount i did this once along time ago to an old pentium socket 478 and it stayed queit for almost a hole year after doing that. I forget the website i found that on to do that but just follow what i said it will be like a new fan. And while you have it apart get all the dust out of it.
Oh yea i never understand this here why people comment if they have nothing to really contribute towards the post yea im sure the OP knows they can buy a new fan but for whatever reasons they dont want to they asked if there was any remedies to this issues not where to get a fan or what fan to get I really dont get you people.