How to start new built computer with os on ssd?

Andrew Allen

Feb 3, 2015
So im building a new computer and I want to have windows 10 on it. I have a 1tb hard drive and a 126gb ssd solely for my os so itll be a boot drive. The problem is the ssd has an install disk so im not sure how to get the os onto the ssd AND launch it without downloading the ssd first? Any solutions?
Hi Andrew,

I think the disc that came with the SSD is the misunderstood piece here. If you bought a SSD from a company like Samsung it comes with a disc with additional software for the SSD. You install the additional software after Windows is installed on the SSD.

Here is the step-by-step for installing Windows 10 on a your SSD:

- Have your Windows 10 installer and key handy
- Insert your Windows 10 install media into the PC, but don't run anything yet. Close out of any auto-start windows that pop-up.
- Turn off you PC
- Physically install the SSD into your computer
- Physically disconnect your larger 1TB drive
- Turn on your PC and boot into the Windows 10 installer
- Install Windows on the SSD drive
- After the install is successful, remove the install media and turn off the PC
- Re-connect your 1TB drive
- Turn on your PC
- Make sure your 1TB drive shows up in 'My Computer'
- Insert the DVD that came with your SSD to install the additional software on your PC.
use the free windows iso to usb tool from microsoft to make a bootable usb stick if you dont have a cd rom drive.
use a 8g stick for the disk image. on first power up go into the the cpu temp screen sit there for a bit make sure the cpu temp is fine. set the bios to boot from usb stick..when windows starts go into adavace mode for the install you see both the smaller ssd and the hard drive. set windows to install onto the ssd. when windows is done installing on the ssd make sure with the mb driver cd all the drivers are installed. then use windows disk management to format and add a drive letter to the new hard drive.