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How to tell what temperature my PC parts are?


Jul 17, 2015
I am just wondering how I can monitor the temperature of my PC components?

Also, what is a good average temperature for idle and getting pushed to the limits for PC components?

Thanks for the help.
there also hardware info 64 bit that you can set up to sensor.
with the stock intel cpu cooler temps sit 34-45c depending on room temp. in games the stock cooler may not cut it.
on the gpu depends on the chipset of the gpu. the older ones run hot 50c. (210) nvidia. the newer gpu now with 30 percent fan speed will sit at 35-45c.
with cpu with the right cooler if you can keep it in 50c range your fine. pushing it into the 70 and higher range is going to kill the cpu. with gpu there made to run into the 70c range anything higher your going to burn out the gpu chip.
with over clocking it not the heat you have to worry about it the voltage going through the parts. the more power the more heat you make. at some point if you put to much power into the parts you burn them out. the trick is to have a small over clock and be stable.

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