Question How to troubleshoot a system randomly restarting?


Jul 24, 2018
Sorry If This is in the wrong category , i wasnt sure where to put it.
Hi My Pc Keeps Randomly Restarting After a weird power thing(my power kept turning on and off for about 5 minutes) 2 months ago . It used to be once a day but it has been slowly progressing to the point where it has become unusable.I cant really describe the restart other than it looks the same as if I just flipped the power switch off and on really quickly.
Usually it posts fine after the restart but occasionally it doesnt post and the ez debug light shows cpu until I restart it again.I think its worth mentioning the whole system is only 2 years old.

System Specs:
CPU : Ryzen52600
GPU: 1050ti 4gb
PSU : Some or another corsair 550 watt
Mobo : A320M Pro-VD plus
Ram : 2 slightly mismatching sticks (both 8 gig , but one is 2666 and one is 2133 but I don't think this is the issue because it worked up until 2 months ago)

What I have Tried:
Replaced the PSU (the PSU was 6 years old but my brother gave me an older but not as old one of his that was only 2 years old to replace it with)
About a month in I reinstalled windows and about a week ago I DDU ed my drivers
Replaced my HDD ( I had a spare one so I thought "eh why not")
Turned off automatic restart in windows
Changed minimum processor state in my power plan
Ran MEMTEST and it said all was good

I have tried to get it to consistently restart but I cant , sometimes it restarts when Im playing a game other times when im just using discord and chrome. I cant get it to consistently crash when running kombuster . I check CPUID logs after it restarts and my temps were always 60 or below on the GPU and 50 or below on the CPU before it restarts so I dont think its restarting because of heat

Can Someone please provide me with some troubleshooting steps or even parts to replace (preferably cheapest parts first)


Is your pc plugged directly into a wall outlet or are there interim connections: extension cord, power strip, surge protectors, UPS?

Are there any other devices sharing the outlet/circuit with your pc: Window air conditioner, heater, refrigerator, etc.?

Does the pc stabilize if you provide power from another outlet preferably on a different circuit?

If you can eliminate a possible service/home related electrical problem then I would suspect the PSU.

The old (6 years) one basically failed and then the new (2 years) is simply not able to provided the power being demanded by your build.


Another suggestion: manually download drivers from the applicable manufacturers' websites. Manually install and reconfigure for your build. No automated tools.


Jul 24, 2018
Hi , thanks for the reply
My pc and 2 monitors are plugged into a multiplug thats plugged into the outlet
DDU erases every trace of ur graphics driver then you hvae to manually install it
It didnt restart for a full weekend in another room(on a different circuitt) but that mightve of just been luck