[SOLVED] How to use Disk Genius specifically if I can do this?

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Nov 26, 2014

Im currently using Disk Genius to repair my External HDD of 4.5 TB. Its going very slow and it says from my calculation that it will take 500 hours to complete with a 3000ms timeout. My question is if I let it run for today all day and let it run to a specific cylinder number like 5000 for example can I then restart the next day after Ive shut down my computer from the 5000 cylinder name and let it continue to repair my broken HDD, I Have a 1 TB bad on my HDD it shows me in windows that its nearly full it`s 4.5 TB but when I select all of the folder and go to properties it shows me I have only 3.6 TB.
Thanks a lot
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