News How to Watch Nvidia's Computex Keynote


I'm looking forward to what Nvidia will do when it crashes down from its AI sugar rush a year or two from now.

While AI won't go away like crypto-mining did, the current gold rush to be first at using AI for X, Y, Z won't last forever. Once AI players will have established their turfs, AI will cool off.
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May 29, 2001
I think you are right for the wrong reasons. AI will begin to take it's own course outside of human intervention. AI will begin to create it's own path just based on pure logic without the help of Google, NVidia, Microsoft, Apple, ARM, & on and on. Once AI begins to actually plot a course of it's own rise, NVidia and all of the players won't matter. Ai will reach singularity in the next 10 years and humanity will never be the same, good or bad, It will be ambivalent...