Question hp rtx 2080 crashes on windows screen

Mar 25, 2021
I recently bought a used hp rtx 2080. When it initially tries to log into windows, the first time I start the computer in awhile, it usually gets into windows and I can log in for about 20 seconds before it crashes. Usually after that I need to boot into safe mode in order to get passed the windows screen that comes up right after the bios. When it crashes in windows, I hear the "device removed" beep, and sometimes I can still hear the audio still coming out of my computer. I have tried the DDU uninstall and then reinstalled the drivers. I updated my bios. I'm using a thermaltake smart 700 watt powersupply which I know is not top quality, but it should be ok for this right? I just replaced the thermal paste and the results are the same. I also noticed the metal part of the card is extremely hot to the touch even if it's left running in bios, or even if it has crashed. Does anyone have any ideas on what I can do to fix this? I would greatly appreciate it.


Well, might have been for sale for a reason. When you say you replaced thermal paste, you meant the GPU? Did you confirm the GPU chip as TU104?

I wouldn't put it past someone to swap in a lesser board that would fit under the OEM cooler and reflash it to incorrectly report as an RTX 2080. Usually see it on lesser cards, but right now that would certainly be worthwhile to scammers.

Most GPUs will be hot to the touch at idle. 50-60C is quite warm and 80C and up is basically instant pain and potential for minor burns.

Beyond that, you can maybe try updating the vBIOS on the card, I doubt it is just simply corrupted, fairly uncommon.

As for your power supply, if you haven't run a game or something on it, it hasn't used much power at all.
Aug 8, 2021
looks like i may be able to get a deal on a used hp rtx 2080. Seems legit, i've seen linus tech talk about fake gpu's and that's crazy. Hope both of our cards perform better in the future. my r9 290 is holding my rig back big time lol.

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