Question Huge Mic Issue on Windows 11, Audio Technica AT-2020 Mic and Behringer UM2 Interface ?


Jul 6, 2016
Hi, so a little background before I explain what happened. I have been using my AT-2020 XLR Mic for about 6 years now and I have NEVER ONCE had any issues. Just today as I was playing some games with friends and talking on Discord, I noticed that my mic was not picking up or so I thought...
I checked my Windows settings and nothing has changed, I have tried everything in Windows from drivers to the actual Interface drivers for my Behringer UM2 with 48v Power, and nothing. Windows is picking up about half a bar to 1 bar if I YELL INTO MY MIC, the interface itself shows that there is power and the 48v power but does not register me speaking unless i flick my mic or yell as well then the green Sig indicator shows. I can faintly hear myself type and talk if i listen on windows or the interface
I have been wrapping my brain and google has no good answers besides "Buy another mic or turn up the windows volume" If anyone could help me it would be a HUGE help

Just checked the cable on my XLR mic and it was completely frayed inside somehow.


"Just checked the cable on my XLR mic and it was completely frayed inside somehow. "

EOL = "End of Life".

That "somehow" is likely EOL related. Many products simply do not last and after some X amount of time, Y number of cycles, or Z number of uses simply start to falter and fail. Generally not repairable and you are forced to buy again......

The wire/cable probably was flexed, pulled, etc. until the limit was reached.

May or may not be repairable. Even with good soldering skills.....