Question HyperX Cloud Alpha Mic Too Low + Static


Aug 27, 2015
Hello everyone how u doing? Hope fine!

So, my problem is like the title says, but I will explain a bit more. So I own HyperX Cloud Alphas for about 5/6 months and I got them because I was looking for a clean and awesome HeadSet, the Audio is good, BUT, when it comes to the mic, since the first day I got disapointed.

The mic is too low, even if I put him on 100 volume +10Db is quite low, but when I boost him (even only +10db) it gets annoying statics.
And this is starting to get me more and more "angry" because I never got luck with mics, they always had static, my former HeadSet was Logitech G230.

So I dont know what I can do to improve this, I see people on Twitch using same mic and their mic os clean, without static, and doesnt seem to have boost (cus u can always notice) and some of them I ask about the mic and they say its Vanilla without any filter is OBS.

Other thing, when I use OBS to stream I need to boost like 15/20 dB. Otherwise the mic doesnt even gets closer to the yellow section.
If I conect mic to PS4 or cellphone the mic doesnt have static. But its still quite low.

Anyone have a help? Im going crazy right here.

PS: Why only post now? Well because I simple ignore the fact my friends in Discord say I sound bad, and now that I usually stream some people get to my stream and say something like this "hey good content, good stream, ur audio sucks" that kinda hurts.


Static is audio is most often a grounding or cable issue. What are you connecting it to? Did you test the headset on other systems? Since you have had this issue with other headset(s), I would try another sound card. Try a Creative Sound BlasterX G1 or Creative Sound Blaster E1.